• festival-spotlight

    Festival Spotlight: D’Vonne Lewis

    Over the recent years, D’Vonne Lewis has become one of the most frequently seen and widely respected artists on Seattle’s music scene. Like jazz itself, Lewis’ legacy has a deep history and a br

  • macefield

    Macefield Festival

    D’Vonne Lewis is the drummer and founder of modern jazz ensemble Industrial Revelation, and played at the 4th annual Macefield Festival this year. He comes from a family with a deep musical heritage

  • knkx

    D’Vonne Lewis’ Limited Edition

    Seattle drummer, D’Vonne Lewis is probably the most frequently heard musicians on the knkx Studio Sessions. He’s involved in a number of groups and projects, but we were lucky enough to get his Li

  • genius-IR-570

    The Stranger

    One night while watching D’Vonne Lewis playing with a trio at the Vito’s lounge, it occurred to me that he just might be the most talented musician in Seattle. Raised by a family with deep

  • city-arts-02

    City Arts

    This month, actor/playwright Reginald Andre Jackson and director Robin Lynn Smith bring Bolden’s story to the stage with Emboldened, an original work debuting July 22 at Theatre Off Jackson. Neither

  • cal-jazz-570

    Seattle Times

    In the late ’50s and early ’60s, instrumental rock ’n’ roll bands shook, rattled and rolled their way through West Coast dance halls, with the “Northwest sound” of such bands as The Wailer

  • cal-jazz-570

    The Stranger: Some of That Jazz

    For me, the pianist is the color of a world, and the drummer is the maker of the world. The drummer provides the ground, the pianist the flowers. It is said that 100 million years or so ago, there was

  • drummer-screwed

    How to Be a Drummer and Not Get Screwed

    He’s a jazz-based scientific calculator with constant feel and awareness who’s permanently in the pocket and tight. He spoke while driving to Tacoma for a show…